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I participated in the Frisco session April 22/23, 2017 and it was a great experience. Shannon was the perfect instructor for the beginner. She stressed safety and procedure and provided tangible reasons why it is so important to be diligent. It was clear she wanted us to succeed and she provided all the materials and basics to help us do just that. This course is a must for all of those just starting out, and the stress on safety and awareness is going to improve my driving habits for all vehicles. Thanks for providing this service and thanks to Shannon for a job well done.


Good morning JB
We will be taking 12-14 helmets over to Nick this morning. LOL we didnt know how many we had until we rounded them up last night. there are Scorpions, Harleys, half, 3/4 and a full face helmet. Quite a collection for 17 years of riding. Thanks to folks like you that taught the motorcycle safety courses we have taken over the years.
Take Care

Janet and David

I took the basic course in Bedford July 19th-20th.
Nick and Russ did a great job. I just took and passed my written test today earning my M endorsement.
I enjoyed the instruction and coaching in the classroom and on the range. I learned some important skills and had fun along the way.
Highly recommended. I will definitely be attending the advanced class once I have some time on the road.
Thanks again!


Hello, I took the class in Frisco on the 19th and 20th, and promptly got my license on Monday and rode my Harley to work. Someone pulled out in front of me and I was able to keep the rubber side of the bike down. I had trouble with that exact scenario on Sunday but Shanen was awesome and because of that I avoided a collision on my first day traffic.


I attended the Bedford Motorcycle Safety class on July 19 and 20. Nick and Russ did a great job. This is my second Motorcycle license. I used this as a refresher course. It seemed a little basic at first then made sense as we went on. I learned a lot. I now have a license to learn. The little 250's were fun to ride for 2 days. I learned where some of my weaknesses where and how to correct them. The rider coaches were very knowledgeable of motrocycle safety. Russ will make a great addition to the team when he completes his training.

I had fun. Thanks


Just wanted to say thank you for the class. I attended the Bedford class on July 19-20. Both coaches were very good and knew what they were talking about. They made it very easy to learn what was needed to pass the course.


Hey there!

I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Shanen, my MSF course instructor in Frisco this past Wednesday and Thursday. I was the least experienced in the class (never rode a motorcycle other than being a passenger, never touched a standard car, clueless about gears and shifting) and the only female student. Not once did I feel intimidated, awkward or unsafe! Shanen was so patient with my unending questions and she was able to explain them so clearly! She was so very encouraging and able to perfectly explain how to work on the things I needed to in order to improve and get those skills down! And that blasted box. Because of Shanen's awesome advice I nailed it! There was so much to learn in those two days and Shanen drove it all home in such a way that I feel confident to keep going and practice my new skills safely just like in class (LOVE how she emphasized safety!!!!). I just passed the Class M written and pick up my new bike on Monday.

Shanen, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have a gift for teaching. Please keep doing this so other people who have always wanted to ride can experience this amazing feeling of "Wow, I really can do this!" I've wanted to ride since I was 16... you've been a huge part in making a big wish come true!

Regards, Carmella

Hello James and hope you are well.

Took (and passed) the Basic Rider Course in Arlington this past weekend with Instructor Mike Hudson (great teacher! Mike taught me things I never knew and I have more than 20 years riding experience - although been several years since I straddled a bike). Had a ball!

Have a great day.

Regards, Roger

I just completed my Texas RIDERS training last weekend at the Frisco location with Omar as my instructor. Omar was a really great instructor and cool guy. He was able to mix in the required curriculum, with lots of classroom interaction and he was able to share his 30 years of riding experience. I'll be back for Omar's advanced course and would highly recommend this training to everyone that wants to gain experience from experience.
FYI- I got my license two days later and was in the wind on day three!


I just finished the Frisco class this past weekend. I was very surprised by Nick's patience and his professionalism. Having no experience riding, I felt secure by his instruction and how he paid attention to all of the riders. Great experience! I hope to take additional courses with you guys! Thanks Again,



Just a quick note to thank you for having Shanen as one of your riding instructors. She was informative, patient, and very thorough. We had both new and experienced riders in our group and we all learned a lot from her instruction. If i decide to take the advanced riders course, I would definetly feel confident having Shanen as my instructor again. Thanks!


I took the beginner rider class in Frisco on April 20th and 21st with Nick as the instructor. I have to say that I hadn't been on a bike in more than 12 years, and his patience and confidence-instilling teaching manner really helped me re-learn the basics and improve my skills and overall made for a great experience. The bikes provided were very well maintained, and the course was great for experiencing braking and swerving to a point where it really felt natural. Nick made the class fun, enjoyable, and relaxed and took the time to help everyone in the class with any questions or with any skill that we struggled with. I just took the written test at the DPS and only missed one question - and it was really a trick question. Everything on it was taught and reinforced constantly by Nick, and I can't thank him enough. I will recommend this course to all of my friends, and look forward to taking the advanced course. Oh, and holding this at Rudy's was nice, too. Great convenient location.


Just wanted to thank Nick for a great class. I've been riding for a while but the techniques he showed us for emergency braking/swerving were absolutely fantastic and definitely could save your life. I cannot tell you what a great location that Rudy's is for the class. We had food/drink/restroom all available and let me tell you the breakfast burritos that Nick introduced us to were to die for. If you are going to take a class in Far North Dallas this is the place to be!


I just wanted to let you know what a great coach Nick was for the April 24 and 25 class. He was very thorough and answered all my questions. I had planned to take the course using my motor scooter but it had mechanical problems and Nick assisted me in using one of you motorcycles during the course. I am grateful to him for his assistance and support. He is a great coach and you are lucky to have him on your team. Your course was very good and after I left class I went right down and got my M endorsement to my license. Thank you.


My wife and I took the beginner rider class in Frisco on April 20th - 21st. Nick was a great teacher and an outstanding rider. By the end of the course, our confidence and skill level had risen significantly. We especially appreciated how well your equipment was maintained. Brand new helmets, bikes that fired up the first time, and a great geographical location made for a wonderful weekend. We HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone and everyone who wants to hit the open road on a motorcycle.


thank you for a great time in training you helped out more than you will know just letting you know I just passed my dmv test got all answers right thanks to you so now I am officially a licensed motorcycle rider thanks again patty
Buzz Johnson
P.S. maybe see ya on the road sometime I'll be the one that cant turn his head all that great haha!!!!


Awesome course, definetly recommending this to all my friends. Thanks for everything!!!


Hi JB,

I got my Massachusetts Licence! Holding it in my hand! Thanks for all your help. Got a bike already and I am ready to go.

Say hello to Dave.

Thanks again,


This course was very informative. I cannot imagine trying to ride without having taken it. Im positive that what I learned will save my life or at least save me from being hurt many times over. NICK, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR BEING SO KIND AND MAKING ME FEEL SO COMFORTABLE EVEN IN THE AWKWARD MOMENTS. THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING ALL OF OUR QUESTIONS AND MAKING THIS COURSE FUN. I OWE YOU FOREVER. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.


Thanks for an awesome time at learning how to ride. I took the class last week in Frisco and had a great experience. My enitre life I wanted to learn how to ride. From the 2 days in class and the 1 day at the city, all and all it was very easy. The insructors (Nick and Jake) were very open to questions and making sure every rider in the class understood what they were doing and that everyone was learning not only how to ride, but how to ride safely. Again I appeciate it and look forward to doing the experienced rider course in 6 months. Safe Riding


J B thanks for getting mike to conduct the class last weekend.Just wanted to say Mike is a great instructor and really knows how to keep your interest.In my opinion It was money well spent.He took the time nesessary for all of us to understand and compleat the tasks at hand.It was a pleasure learning what he had to teach us.Again Thank you and THANK YOU MIKE......................


I would like to pass on to you, that Mike did and outstanding job in my training process, very good instructor. thanks


JB, Thanks for all your patience with my wife. Nick was a great instructor. I reccomend him to all your new riders. My wife is so happy. We started the day by going to DPS and getting her license.


I completed the ERC on May 26.Mike Casey was the instructor. I was hesitant to take the class because I thought I knew all I needed to know. WOW was I wrong! Mike not only corrected some of my mental errors, but made the class FUN! I learned several valuable lessons that may save my life one day. The other participants in the class were also amazed at we all learned. This was the BEST eight hours I have spent! I plan on doing it at least every tow years with Mike just so he can point out by bad habits again!...LOL. I am referring you to all my friends. Keep up the GREAT work!


Hello Texas RIDER,

I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for Mike. Everything he taught in the class was 100% percont true on the road. Just having someone with that riding experience was awesome. Thank you mike for the knowledge and words of encouragement. I love riding now and your words ring in my head on every turn, stop, and intersection.


Hello JB,

I just wanted to let you know that your instructor Tom Heilman ROCKS! He made my experience with this class the best. I had briefly told you I had taken the course the previous weekend at another place and had a bad experience and Tom made this class worth every penny.

He is professional yet fun and easy to learn from. He works with his students and expects no less than he deserves. He is encouraging and definitely the best teacher for such a class. You have a GEM in your midst which I am sure you know without a doubt.

The class was done in a manner that we all learned from and time designated as should be. The breaks were sufficient but not too long and the instruction clear and if we needed more explanation he did what needed to be understood clearly.

I have emailed Tom as well but I felt you needed to know your instructor has done his job above and beyond for the class I was in on September 23, 24 and 25, 2011.

I am extremely glad my husband was able to work it out for me to take the class and that Tom was my instructor.

Best Regards,



Took the advanced course this past Saturday with Mike Casey in the Chrome Angels group. Just wanted you to know that Mike was absolutely fantastic. He gave us a great course, kept it safe and made it fun. He has a great personality for working with people and is a huge asset and representative for your organization.


Good Evening JB,

I took the advanced course today with Mike Carey and wanted to take the time to tell you how wonderful he was as our instructor. He was patient, thorough, polite, professional, interesting...everything and more that an instructor should be. Having been riding only a short time, I was worried about how I would do in the class. Mike took the time to make me feel comfortable and confident. Please pass on a heartfelt thank you for a job above and beyond well done!!!!!!! I would recommend the course and especially him to anyone rider I know.


Hi JB,

I just wanted to let you know how fortunate you are to have such a great instructor as Mike Casey. He was very informative and skilled at presenting his material and demonstrating the rider techniques. He is adept at getting his audience to participate in discussions and really seemed to enjoy teaching this class. We really appreciated his attitude and respect demonstrated towards our group. We had a blast and it definitely was because Mike delivered the required message in such a fun and enjoyable way. I just felt you deserved to have this feedback since it was such a great experience for our group, The Chrome Angels.

My Best,

Sara aka Princess

We just finished up the basic course this weekend. We wanted everyone at Texas R.I.D.E.R to know what a pleasure it was to have Mike Casey as our coach. We came to class the first day with many reservations, fears and concerns and Mike was able to put those to rest day one!! Please pass on to Mike on how much we enjoyed him teaching us to ride. He is such an asset to your company and to all Texas motorcyclists who have learned from him!! Thank You!!

Brad and Rebecca

Had class this weekend at pennington field with coach Casey.Great instructor, you guys have a great teacher with him.He deserves a pat on the back.



Just wanted to let you know (as if you didnt already) that I completed my Basic Rider Course. I have to say that it was, without a doubt, the best money and time I have spent in a long time. Dale, our instructor, did a superb job. I walked away a much more accomplished and safe rider.
Thank you for being so flexible with me and allowing me the additional time.
We will see you for the advanced course soon.

v/r Bear



Hi just wanted to say I really got a lot out of this class. I took the license test and wanted to point out one question that threw me off (still passed). It was something to the effect of when changing lanes what is the first thing you should do: turn signal, check mirror, look, and something else (can't remember). Anyways it seemed to me in the school when we did this we checked the mirror, looked over shoulder, then changed lanes. I answered check mirror but the correct answer was look over shoulder. Anyways thought I'd pass on. Thanks again, -Harry


Good afternoon,

I finally wanted to take the time to say thank you for the excellent instruction I received during your two-day class. It was about this time last year that I registered for a weekend class which was held at UT Arlington. Dale was a very patient and informative instructor.

When I returned to Maine last July, I surprised my husband on his 50th birthday by purchasing a Harley Davidson 2006 Sportster for myself. We rode for two weeks before I was shipped off to Dallas and then Maryland to work. Needless to say, I was only able to put about 2,000 miles on that bike.

I decided over the winter that I wanted a bigger bike. My husband surprised me while I was working in Boston with a trip to New Hampshire with my Sporty in the back of his truck and a pre-approved loan. I am now the owner of a 2007 Pearl Yellow Fat Boy and could not be happier.

I feel confident while riding due to your training Dale and for that I cannot thank you enough. Many of our riding companions and new acquaintances cannot believe how well I ride for a Newbie.


P.S. Maine accepted my course completion card and issued my motorcycle endorsement with no hassle.

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